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Watch for Wildlife Signs from around the World

From Beetles to Baboons, there's a sign to watch out for critters, crossing

Watch for Wildlife is collecting pictures of Wildlife Crossing signs - please share with us if you have one, especially if a little unique. Thanks! (contribute photos through the contact us section at the bottom of our website, or on Facebook or Twitter)

Columbia Road Trip Collection, Rob Ament

No Littering helps to Stop Road Kills. Really. South Africa. Credit: Wendy Collinson.

Endangered Delmara Fox Squirrel crossing sign, Maryland.

Credit: Brandon Jutz "The sign is to Maryland Transportation Standards and people often stop for a photo. It definitely makes people pay attention."

Whoops. That's not Baboons. (but the intent is there ... ) South Africa. Wendy Collinson.

Hm. Might not be the right symbol with this one.

Traffic bumps can help, but don't always work. This graffiti would be funny if it weren't so true. Queensland Australia.

Credit: Kristina Ernest.

Cutest wildlife crossing sign award? Nene Goose and gosling, Maui, Hawii. Credit: Todd Martin

Wildlife Crossing Signs are better than nothing (and sometimes make the difference), but too often; this happens, anyway.

And a little closer to home - Maine DOT seasonal and permanent signage. Thanks, Susan Ekdahl for these.

Goose Crossing, New Brunswick. A personal favourite. Not a unique sign, but ... the Goose family crossing.

And yes, even Hippos need drivers to watch out for them, and give leeway.

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