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A wish that things were different - A Letter from Seth Levinson


Dear Wanda and Watch for Wildlife,

Great to get your news. I'm inspired by your project.

It's amusing to remember—in writing you—that when I was about 12, I remember my older brother talking about CIDA grants (a federal program from the 60s) and in my enthusiasm and naivete, I said if I got one, I'd use the money to give all the dead animals along the highways proper burials. It's kind of amazing the consider that now. 

After reading about your project and listening to a really interesting broadcast last week on "Ideas" about the Y2Y project (Yellowstone to Yukon wildlife corridor) I had an insight about how highways intersect with animal habitat. It was a visualisation where I could imagine countless animal trails threading across roads and throughout the landscape, and how we have bisected their world. When we see an animal on the road (dead or alive) we have this impression that they're in our way...that they're in a place where they don't belong. It's actually the other way around. We're in their way. And it's really up to us—if we have any conscientiousness at all—to do everything we can to yield to them. Wouldn't that be great! ... if their were at least a law that stated it is a motorists duty to yield to animals wherever possible. I know it wouldn't change what happens by accident but I think it would begin to shift culture/mindsets with regards to remembering 'who is in whose way'...Shifting culture—as it turns out—is a long term project ;-)

Here's the link to that program called 'Rewilding'. It's great.

Anyway, I'm glad to know that you're doing what you are. I admire that a great deal.

Let's stay in touch about this initiative.

Image from the Rewilding Article, CBC. Photo Credit: Anik See

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